Mary’s Distance Learning Class

Welcome students!

This is a place where you can come to gain access to all of the resources for my distance learning class.  Distance learning is new to North Central Career Center Adult Education and I cannot wait for all of you to know the success and freedom that DL can provide.  However, to be a successful distance learning student, you must be very self-directed.  Self-directed, in a nutshell, means that no one is forcing you to do the work.  You have to have the motivation to complete the work.  Obtaining the education that you want is entirely up to you.  Think about taking a road trip to somewhere you would really like to go.  You are the one driving the car. You will decide how fast we go.  You are the one that can put on the brakes.  As your instructor and learning coach, I am the one holding the road map.  We are a team.  It takes both of us to get where we are going.  As the map holder, I want to get to the goal too.  I am invested in your success.  You are also invested.  You have already made the commitment to complete the face to face enrollment, pre-testing, orientation, and contract.  Now is the time to begin having the success.  Let’s begin!

Links to Distance Learning Sites